Friday Prayer

The GMU MSA hosts Friday “Jumm’ah” prayers on campus every Friday when classes are in session for the GMU and surrounding community. Prayers typcially are 40 minutes in length and consist of an about 30 minute sermon followed by a 5-10 minute prayer. Friday prayers are open to all.

First Prayer: 12:45 pm

Second Prayer: 1:30 pm

Below is the Spring 2019 Friday Jummah Schedule:

Date Location
01/25/2019 HUB Ballroom
02/01/2019 HUB Ballroom
02/08/2019 JC Bistro
02/15/2019 JC Georges
02/22/2019 JC Georges
03/01/2019 HUB Ballroom
03/08/2019 JC Georges
03/22/2019 HUB Ballroom
03/29/2019 TBD
04/05/2019 JC Georges
04/12/2019 JC Georges
04/19/2019 JC Georges



 JC Georges

JC Bistro

JC Georges